Eternal Stash

by Haoma

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released December 23, 2015

Recorded by Wilson Tjernell @ Markan, Hässleholm 2015



all rights reserved


Haoma Sweden

southern sweden bass fuzz worship

S - drums
R - bass/vox

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Track Name: Eternal Stash
stars asleep
our faith we will keep
following outlines created by vibration and sound

(we're out in)
deep space
in search for a place
where clouds of smoke slowly finds a way to lift from the ground

(you've gotta)
build towers
of tube-driven powers
and let them open a passage to the secrets unknown

through amplification
of a dimension where coloured bushes always have grown


neverending green
towards a distant horizon fertile fields reaching out

(come on and)
load your bong
and just come along
and hear the voice that will tell you what it's really about

(it's time to)
light the fire
get higher and higher
visions of future surrounded by sweet indica haze

of illumination
one million lightyears away in outer corners of space


now we are out to find
the eternal stash
a place to free your mind
and roll up the hash
where there are herbs to grind
and burn down to ash
yeah we are out to find
the eternal stash
Track Name: Orbital Flight
vapor trails descend into dimensions
sweet scent combined
unveils outer-space extensions
omniscient mind

light speed earth-disposing rocketride
breathtaking sight
some weed, just for keeping satisfied
during the flight

weird shapes in center of the universe
planets collide
sound scapes, otherworldly and diverse
time set aside

black hole, set for consumation
a quantum leap
control, challenged by vibration
go back to sleep